A Bitcoin Hostel is coming to Portugal’s shores with an aim to build a business in the ‘spirit of Bitcoin’. The hostel, founded by Berliners Albert Wolframm and his girlfriend, will be a homestay and hangout accepting only Bitcoin (Lighting or Onchain) as a payment method.

“Businesses such as Bitcoin Hostel show the true Bitcoin spirit, decentralized, community-driven, open-source! I think it’s the start of a new way of doing business that will start to catch on in the future!”


Tiago Vasconcelos, co-founder of Portugal’s A Seita Bitcoin The founder of the hostel Wolframm combines in the project his 3 hobbies: traveling, Bitcoin and architecture, and he believes in ‘giving power back to the people’. Bitcoiners around the world are now keen to lend a hand and are participating in competitions with interested parties to choose the design of the hostel.

Source: cointelegraph