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UBC Digital Magazine Team

UBC Digital Magazine

launched in the first quarter of 2021 as a product of Using Blockchain Ltd, based in London. Our team is composed of Bitcoin and blockchain pioneers with years of experience in the design and engineering of distributed ledger technology. We would like to give back to the community, by ways of producing high-quality content and free educational material that can be read and accessed from any devices with a browser. Our experienced team of blockchain experts with years of experience are available for scheduled one-on-one calls to discuss blockchain integration or even to give crash courses about the technology.

High-quality free educational content

UBC Digital Magazine produces high-quality free educational content relating to blockchain and distributed ledger technology including: sample use cases, tutorials, articles, showcases, reviews and outboxing experiences making use of emerging technologies like blockchain and/or others. Research papers and resulting software source code are made available to subscribers.

We believe in open source as a tool for collaboration!

Smart use of blockchain(s)

We focus on high-quality and innovative software development skills to produce smart use cases, tutorials and showcases of using blockchain technology. Our articles vary in scope and go from using blockchain for transacting value online, via redefining supply chain processes using a blockchain environment, over to using blockchain to execute cross chain atomic swaps.
If you subscribe to UBC Digital Magazine, you will get access to production ready software packages that integrate seamlessly with major blockchain systems including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM and Symbol.

UBC services

Our digital services consist of highly personalized and custom one-on-one calls with a blockchain expert to help uncover the potential of integrating blockchain in business. The book a call with a blockchain expert extends to product development, blockchain development, and even blockchain lessons.
We believe that it is not only important for the blockchain expert to be highly skilled and to have advanced knowledge and education in the field, but communications skills are key factors for a successful blockchain consultant. At UBC, we are proud to say that our blockchain experts are experts in delivering the information and in making advanced and highly technical concepts easier to understand.
Because decentralization is a core theme in blockchain technology, we made sure to provide our consulting services in more than one language, so we can be accessible to a bigger number of people. We are currently providing our services in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Our clients

The team at UBC, lead by its founder Grégory Saive, have had the pleasure of working on some very interesting and successful projects.

Launched in 2020, our company started making first footsteps in the blockchain industry with the launch of PacNEM and NEM related projects. Our founder got hired as the Head of Development for the NEM.io Foundation focusing mainly on Symbol from NEM where he led the development of Client software.

During this period, we have been able to author multiple improvement proposals for the Symbol project that permitted a standardized approach to development of Client software that integrates with the Symbol from NEM blockchain network. Example standards that were approved and implemented include a hierarchical-deterministic wallet library, a custom QR Codes library, a security tokens standard – which also got featured at Consensus 2020 – and last but not least the Symbol Technology Release for Public Network – a plan for the migration of data stored on the old blockchain NEM, to be migrated over to the new network Symbol.

After a successful experience working with the NEM.io Foundation, we decided to move on from NEM and started working with dHealth Foundation as Blockchain Lead, launching the dHealth Network on 29th March of 2021. dHealth Network aims to be the framework for Health-to-Earn by providing public blockchain infrastructure for the key players of the healthcare industry, and UBC.Digital wants to help them reach these goals by offering its’ blockchain expertise and public- and open source showcases for dHealth Network.

With these several years of experience on-the-ground in blockchain companies, it looked natural for UBC.Digital to start writing highly focused and educational articles about blockchains and integrations thereof – open source is a beautiful way to collaborate. As of the start of the year 2021, we put the focus on hiring new author talents who understand the potential of blockchain. We published the first online issue of our magazine in the first quarter of 2021.