Emirates, the largest airline in the United Arab Emirates, announced its plans to implement BTC (Bitcoin) payments, and it intends to launch NFT collections and make them tradable on the company’s website, aiming to embrace blockchain technologies and expand its reach.

“Emirates isn’t currently accepting Bitcoin or any other type of cryptocurrency as payment, we are exploring it as an alternative payment option for future use.” -an Emirates spokesperson told The Block.


The Dubai-headquartered airline also hopes to use blockchain technology in tracking aircraft records, as stated by Emirates’ chief operating officer Adel Ahmed Al-Redha. The COO did not say when the new features would be available but revealed plans to recruit new employees who will focus on implementing and managing crypto payments, blockchain tracking, metaverse, and non-fungible token (NFT) projects. He added that these blockchain-related plans are part of the carrier’s strategy to better “monitor customer needs” and make operations, training, and website sales into more “interactive” processes.

Source: blockworks