Blockchain 101

Do you know the basic fundamentals of blockchain? 

The Blockchain 101 quiz is a collection of selected multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge of the most important blockchain terms and widely known concepts of the technology. These terms and concepts will most likely come up in any article you read about blockchain or in any conversation you have about the topic.

Answering all the questions of our Blockchain 101 quiz will help you figure out the scope of your information about the technology.

This quiz is best for: People who are new to blockchain, or have recently started learning about the emerging technology.
Difficulty level: Easy

1. What does NFT stand for?


2. What is a node?


3. What are miners in blockchain?


4. What does P2P stand for?


5. Who created Bitcoin?


6. What is a mnemonic phrase?


7. What does HD wallet stand for?


8. What is a digital signature?


9. What does DAO stand for?


10. Where can you buy a cryptocurrency?


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