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Definition: What is the process of minting a token?

Throughout the several years of development of blockchain protocols and as opposed to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work mining algorithm, a standard has been adopted that goes by the name of Proof-of-Stake. This standard specifies that the issuance of tokens is regulated by one’s stake of some tokens, or the amount of tokens you may own.

To differentiate tokens created using Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocols, it is proposed that the term minting is used, instead of the word mining. Notably, this is also the case for gold, as gold first gets mined and then gets minted into a coin that represents its value.

The minting process merely refers to the operation that issues or creates the tokens using the underlying blockchain network of choice. Typically, the created tokens can be queried for using blockchain explorer software.

Explanation: How can I use minted tokens?

Tokens are minted using a blockchain protocol and token standard and then sent to your blockchain wallet. For example, what can be done with these tokens is to sell them on a marketplace.

You could also transfer these tokens to another blockchain wallet or to a friend as you may wish.

Platforms like OpenSea or Rarible, also let you display your NFT images right on their website. You can make a background of it for some time.

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